101 Things List

I’m one of those people who doesn’t say that “Christmas and my birthday” are my favorite days of the year.  I’m that dork who loves Earth Day, looks forward to the summer solstice, and relishes New Year’s Eve.  I’ve never seen the ball drop in Times Square, and I rarely even stay up late enough to watch it on television.  I’ve never been to a real (i.e., not hosted by my grandparents) New Year’s Eve party, and I haven’t even made out for a minute at midnight (though, that should change next year, if I accomplish #10).  No, New Year’s Eve isn’t special to me because of the celebrations; I treasure it as a time to reflect, to take stock of the previous year and gather up my hopes for the coming one.

Inspired by the “101 Things” of Danielle’s This Little Space, I decided to forgo my usual much-deliberated list of New Year’s Resolutions and instead create a list of 101 things that I’d like to do in 2015, little things and big things and in-between things that will make the year perfect.  Some of them will be easy to make happen as part of my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail; others will be accomplished in Kentucky before I leave for the trail or in Massachusetts once I finish.

In 2015, I will probably/definitely…

  1. Hike in the desert.
  2. Camp tentless under the stars.
  3. Run a marathon.
  4. See Seattle.
  5. See Ashland, OR.
  6. See Asheville, NC.
  7. Attend a tree planting workday.
  8. Visit Mammoth Caves.
  9. Kiss under the mistletoe.
  10. Make out at midnight on New Year’s Eve.
  11. See a temperate rain forest.
  12. Summit Mansfield’s Nose.
  13. Hike Marcy.
  14. Hike the remaining 4000-footers in Maine.
  15. Go to Divas in Northampton, MA.
  16. Hike Black Mountain in Kentucky.
  17. Finish Ohana’s quilt.
  18. Rock climb actual rocks.
  19. Learn how to use an ice ax.
  20. Watch the sun rise somewhere beautiful.
  21. Learn how to hike in snow.
  22. Hike a snow-covered Mount Monadnock.
  23. Try writing poetry.
  24. Spend some time sketching.
  25. Go to a challenging Wild Asparagus contra dance.
  26. Learn to dance as a leader at contra dances.
  27. Read Brave New World.
  28. Read Watchmen.
  29. Take an enrichment course at GCC.
  30. Purchase a passport.
  31. Walk into Canada.
  32. Build a snowman.
  33. Discover a new musical.
  34. Attend a concert.
  35. Learn how to use a compass well.
  36. Learn how to assist an injured hiker.
  37. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
  38. Learn to cook five new dishes.
  39. Fold 1000 paper cranes.
  40. Get involved in community theatre again.
  41. Stay in better contact with my friends from college.
  42. Take Kelly climbing.
  43. Go on a picnic.
  44. Have an actual dinner-and-a-movie date.
  45. Outfit my wagon with snow tires.
  46. Put some of my bumper sticker collection on my car.
  47. Strengthen the muscles of my core.
  48. Donate $2650 to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS).
  49. Attend “Peanut Butter and Gender.”
  50. Spend a night or two in Red River Gorge.
  51. Find like-minded people in Kentucky.
  52. Stargaze with someone special.
  53. Write letters to the friends I’ve lost contact with.
  54. Do at least a little clicker training.
  55. Research jobs in the outdoor industry.
  56. Visit Quebec.
  57. Go to Masala’s with Kelly.
  58. Eat at an AYCE buffet on trail.
  59. Eat (vegan) sushi with Kelly.
  60. Create a website for HeartFelt.
  61. Send valentines to the people I love.
  62. Sew a colorful skirt for contra dancing.
  63. Finish a few peyote bracelets.
  64. Plan a canoeing trip with Mom.
  65. Organize photos from the AT.
  66. Write up all of my favorite AT stories.
  67. Hitchhike in Kentucky.
  68. Visit zip code 02719 in Massachusetts.
  69. Go to a corn maze.
  70. Go apple picking.
  71. Attend a Mount Grace event.
  72. Submit three guest posts to other blogs.
  73. See a rainbow on a hike.
  74. Spend a day at a beach.
  75. Enjoy a zero day in the woods.
  76. Make some homemade Christmas gifts.
  77. Spend a night near a campfire.
  78. Create a notecard series.
  79. Open an Etsy shop.
  80. Walk across the Bridge of Flowers.
  81. Attend an art walk.
  82. Hike Huntington Ravine with a friend.
  83. Write up in the Poet’s Seat.
  84. Go to a movie at the Garden Cinema.
  85. Host a game night.
  86. Go skinny dipping.
  87. Go to a museum with the CW/MARS pass.
  88. Introduce someone to V for Vendetta.
  89. Join a book club.
  90. Visit Rhode Island.
  91. Visit Provincetown.
  92. Memorize a Mary Oliver poem.
  93. Cultivate sensitive plant.
  94. Wear patchouli.
  95. Have a “snuggle nap” with Ohana.
  96. Record my favorite recipes.
  97. Paint something on canvas.
  98. Get a hair wrap.
  99. Meditate daily for eight weeks.
  100. Read A Tale of Two Cities.
  101. Hug a redwood.

So, now I’m passing the challenge on to you, friends.  What would you like to do in 2015?

4 Replies to “101 Things List”

  1. Great list with a lot of cool stuff! May you accomplish it all!

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  2. Funding Help says:

    Have a wonderful and happy new year!


  3. mrothwarren says:

    Great list! Happy New Year!

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  4. Love it! If you need ideas of where to go/what to see in Seattle, let me know! I miss that place 🙂 I have a 101 list too, but I have 1001 days to complete mine…gives me a little more time since I have until November 2016 to finish. I love making goal lists though – crossing off fun stuff makes me feel more accomplished! Good luck with your goals, and happy New Year!



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