Wordless Wednesday: Presidential Traverse, Part One


Leaving Mizpah Hut, with Mount Washington in view


The beautiful green ridges of the White Mountains


Getting closer to Washington, midway through the traverse


The impossible-to-resist “hike-thru” at Lakes of the Clouds Hut

3 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Presidential Traverse, Part One”

  1. mimfilip says:

    I am curious about your foot ware, do you hike in sandels?


    • I have in the past. On the AT, I had tendonitis on the top of my feet, which had been caused by walking in boots that had become too small. So, for the last few hundred miles of the trail, I walked in Chacos.

      Hiking in Chacos is great. They cut down on blister issues and are much better on rainy days. They make stream crossings a breeze. The only problem I experienced — and have heard other Chaco hikers experience — is that I’d get a painful callus on my heels that I’d need to shave off with a straight razor from time to time.

      These days, I generally hike in sneakers, which I find to be the best of both worlds.

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  2. How can anyone resist a burger on the trial!! Love that! Looking great lady

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