Wordless Wednesday: Presidential Traverse, Part Three


Hikers watch the Old Cog Railway


Above the Great Gulf Wilderness


Looking ahead at the Northern Presis


Wildflowers growing in adversity


“Rocksylvania” was just a warm up


Approaching Madison Springs Hut

6 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Presidential Traverse, Part Three”

  1. Tam says:

    Those Northern Presidentials are such beasts!

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    • True story! Madison is seriously intense — and oddly underrated.


      • Tam says:

        Mount Adams after Madison kicked my ass. That range is tough! But incredible!

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      • Tam says:

        And yes Washington gets all the credit for being the biggest beast but Madison and Lafayette and Adams don’t have roads and cafeterias on them and I think they are more challenging as a result of being underrated since there aren’t books listing the death tolls for the beasts surrounding Washington. But Madison is no joke and I definitely underestimated it when I did a southern presidential traverse. It was noon when I got to the summit and I still had so far to go!


      • I agree completely! I paired Adams and Jefferson when I was hiking the 4,000-footers, and I couldn’t believe how amazingly rugged they were. (That day was awe-inspiring!) We consider the range as one, but there’s a remarkable difference between the Southern Presis and the Northern Presis.

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  2. Tam says:

    Yes indeed. From Lakes to Crawford notch is a very different ridge line than that northern stretch. Next time I will give myself way more time and start way earlier to get across!

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