Wordless Wednesday: Presidential Traverse, Part Three


Hikers watch the Old Cog Railway


Above the Great Gulf Wilderness


Looking ahead at the Northern Presis


Wildflowers growing in adversity


“Rocksylvania” was just a warm up


Approaching Madison Springs Hut


      1. And yes Washington gets all the credit for being the biggest beast but Madison and Lafayette and Adams don’t have roads and cafeterias on them and I think they are more challenging as a result of being underrated since there aren’t books listing the death tolls for the beasts surrounding Washington. But Madison is no joke and I definitely underestimated it when I did a southern presidential traverse. It was noon when I got to the summit and I still had so far to go!


      2. I agree completely! I paired Adams and Jefferson when I was hiking the 4,000-footers, and I couldn’t believe how amazingly rugged they were. (That day was awe-inspiring!) We consider the range as one, but there’s a remarkable difference between the Southern Presis and the Northern Presis.

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  1. Yes indeed. From Lakes to Crawford notch is a very different ridge line than that northern stretch. Next time I will give myself way more time and start way earlier to get across!

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