CT #8-9: Zeroes

We associate the feeling of whiplash with sudden dramatic deceleration, with going from 65 mph to a standstill. But, anyone who’s gotten off trail knows that emotional and mental whiplash can also affect us when we go from 3 mph to a stop.

When you’ve been so focused on forward progress, standing still can be challenging. However, the fever, sore throat, and congestion that lingered in Leadville left me no choice but to rest.

As I did, I got to enjoy the Leadville Hostel & Inn, one of my very favorite hostels to date. It’s more pricey than AT hostels and is much more like many PCT or Hosteling International hostel in price and model. It attracts backpackers, cyclists, climbers, wanderers, and road trippers. On the deck, in the living rooms, and in the kitchen, we all intermingle, sharing stories of our adventures. The hostel feels organized and clean but also friendly and laid back — and it’s been a safe, warm place to recover.

I don’t feel 100% by any means, but my fever is gone, and my congestion is drying up. My throat is still sore, and I’m still tired. My plan is to hit the trail tomorrow morning and take it relatively easy — maybe just Rainbow Trot along.

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