CT #15: Salida

In the way full-service towns do, Salida had grown in my mind from my first days on the trail to take on almost mythical proportions. Anything I could need or want, I’d find in Salida. And, now I’m finally here!

At the end of my 11.7-mile hike this morning, there was a long, open descent down to US-50. That’s when my mind decided to amuse itself by singing “Someone’s Gonna Bring Me to Salida” (to the tune of “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah”), ending each verse with a appropriately-rhyming food I’d be able to eat in town.

At the bottom of the descent, I learned that the star of the song was a fellow Adirondack 46er and aspiring CT hiker, and we spent the whole ride to town sharing trail stories. It’s a small world.

Once I got to town, there were so many chores to do: packages to pick up and send, groceries to buy, laundry to wash, emails to send, phone calls to make, and food to eat. As the afternoon crept toward evening, it was time to load up the pack and get ready for the next section.

Here among other wanderers, this being constantly on the move feels somehow normal and expected, but I realize that it’s bizarre to avoid sleeping in the same place two nights in a row. It’s comically exciting to realize that, when I actually get to do that again, I’ll also have access to all of the amazing things I’ve found in Salida on a daily basis.

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