Cumberland Falls

“Cumberland Falls” (34″x24″, 2021) is a vibrant celebration of the beauty of Kentucky, my home. The piece is a depiction of the falls as seen from one of the many viewing platforms, where locals and tourists alike gather to see the “Niagara of the South.” On an autumn day, when the Cumberland River was swollen from recent rainfall, when crashing water echoed in the thin air, and when trees growing on the opposite bank dazzled in various red, orange, and yellow hues, my senses seemed to fill with nature’s splendor as I looked on.

In “Cumberland Falls,” I worked to remember this sensory experience in wool, using the dark and quiet shadows of the damp rocks along the river banks to contrast the turbulent streams of water pouring over the falls. Ripples from the falling water are visible downstream of the waterfall, just as the memory of the falls resounded in my ears after I had left its presence.

Selected for the Governor’s Derby Exhibit, Kentucky State Capitol, May 2022

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