Dedalera del Primitivo

“Dedalera del Primitivo” (20″x16″, 2018) is based on a scene from my journey along the Camino Primitivo in the summer of 2016. Various Camino routes stretch across Spain and much of Europe, and I had the privilege of walking six of them, including the historic route through Galicia. Along the way, I enjoyed the way sunrises colored mountain- and hillsides, the fresh air of hill country, the charm of slate-tile roofs in small mountain towns, and even the bustle of a city inside an ancient Roman wall. It was a peaceful, contemplative walk, and I treasured every day of the journey.

This felting features a stretch of the Camino Primitivo in which the trail leads pilgrims down farm lanes. While mountains rise in the distance, a pilgrim first walks through farm country, where fields of crops and grasses grow. In the foreground, a painted arrow, a “flecha,” points the way to Santiago. The purple-pink blooms of the eponymous dedalera, which English-speakers know as foxglove, made such a beautiful contrast to the yellow arrow that I couldn’t resist recreating the scene in wool.

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