Gatliff Bridge

A framed, two-dimensional wool landscape featuring an arched, stone bridge, a river, and trees with fall foliage.

“Gatliff Bridge” (32″x26″, 2022) is a meditation on the built environment and the ways humans access and interact with wilderness areas. Built in 1954 and faced with Kentucky sandstone, the bridge spans the Cumberland River at the edge the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park and just upriver from the park’s eponymous waterfall. A two-lane road runs atop the bridge, offering reliable transportation across the river, as opposed to the intermittent ferry it replaced.¬†

Quiet and reflective, “Gatliff Bridge” captures the arched bridge as seen from a sandy shoreline away from the waterfall viewing platforms. Autumnal colors decorate the trees on the opposite riverbank. Upstream of the whitewater, the river’s smooth surface reflects the stonework of the bridge.

Exhibited in the Team Kentucky Art Gallery, Kentucky State Capitol, Fall 2022

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