Goat Rocks Wilderness

A framed, two-dimensional felted wool landscape of a rocky ridge, with Mount Rainier in the distance.

Whereas day hikers seek out trails specifically because of the vistas along them, thru-hikers encounter beautiful places simply because the weeks- or months-long trails they are walking lead them there. When I found myself in the Goat Rocks Wilderness, I was running low on food and needed to hurry to town before closing time. Panoramic views of Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Adams stopped me in my tracks.

In “Goat Rocks Wilderness” (35″x24″, 2023), I remembered that magnificent day on trail, from the cool, alpine air allowing 360-degree views to the shadows cast by warm sunlight to the snowfields that remained on the peaks, even in August. The Pacific Crest Trail leads into the felting, over the Knifes Edge, and then down to the pass where I eventually retrieved my mail drop.

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