HeartFelt Art

When Lyme forced me off the Pacific Crest Trail, I returned home to Kentucky, where my mother was in the process of opening a wool mini-mill and fiber studio, HeartFelt Fleece & Fiber.  On good-health days, I did what I could to help her and discovered a passion for fiber artistry.giant-starry-night

Now, whenever I’m not in bed or backpacking, I’m creating at the studio.  We make all sorts of products, from woven rugs and runners to knitted apparel to felted wool “paintings,” which are my favorite.

Our wool paintings are not actually painted at all; rather, I needle- and wet-felt dyed wool onto a piece of wool fabric (created from wool given at our pet sheep’s last haircut) that acts as the “canvas.”  The result is a unique, two-dimensional creation with vibrant colors and lots of texture.

Thus far, I’ve enjoyed reimagining famous paintings and pop culture stories in wool, and I’ve created an assortment of “mood paintings” for homes and offices.  Next year, I’m looking forward to having the time to felt landscapes I’ve seen in my backpacking adventures.

If you’d like to check out my work, please feel free to peruse HeartFelt’s Etsy shop.