Desert Storm

The Pacific Crest Trail is known as a trail of extremes, stretching as it does from Mexico to Canada and from the desert floor to 13,000-foot mountain passes. As I walked along it in 2015, I was fascinated by the variety of environments I encountered, often in rapid succession. In “Desert Storm,” I used wool to depict the snowstorm I walked into as I descended from the foxtail pine forests of Southern California’s mountains into the desert. As the dark storm clouds gathered, I had no idea that I would soon bear witness to snow-covered cacti.

“Desert Storm” captures the desert’s Earth-toned rainbow of trailside vegetation, and the extensive palette of grays and browns in this scene required careful planning and blending. The winding trail looks out on neighboring peaks, and an aging pine’s branches hang overhead.

Finished with care, this signed, one-of-a-kind 24”x18” wool landscape has been professionally framed in a textured frame. 

Desert Storm

24"x18" needle-felted, 100% wool landscape in a textured frame.


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