Lake Tear of the Clouds

This little lake, nestled beside the trail junction for the paths leading to the summits of Marcy, Skylight, and Gray, is the highest pond in New York and the headwaters of the Hudson River. [Random trivia: It’s also where Theodore Roosevelt was when he learned that McKinley had taken a turn for the worse and that Roosevelt needed to return to the Capitol.] I enjoyed standing at the shoreline after summiting each of the surrounding peaks, watching how the sun’s effect on the surface of the water and the face of Marcy changed throughout the day. Those peaks were my final 4000’ers; it was my last day of hiking before saying goodbye to the region and driving 17 hours south. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful send off!

In this felting, I wanted to pay tribute to the rich, brilliant colors of a bluebird day in the mountains. In the distance, the stony face of Mount Marcy rises above the trees and watches over Lake Tear of the Clouds. Along the shoreline, layers of deep green trees border the lake, adding texture and depth to the felting. The sapphire waters of the lake lap at the foreground of the piece, inviting viewers into the scene.

“…The Adirondack wilderness must ever be what it is to-day, the most unique, picturesque, charming, and healthful section of the continent; the one place for all to visit, and which not to have seen is to remain untravelled.”
-W.H.H. Murray, Lake Champlain and its Shores

This 18″x14″ wool felting has been adhered to an acid-free mounting board, signed, and wrapped in a cello bag for easy shipping and gifting. It will arrive ready to frame or display on an easel.

Lake Tear of the Clouds

Lake Tear of the Clouds

Lake Tear of the Clouds

18″x14″ needle-felted, 100% wool landscape on acid-free mounting board.


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