Looking Down on Creation

Up in New Hampshire and Maine are the Mahoosuc Mountains, a range as rugged as the Adirondacks and nearly as high as the Whites but far less traveled than either of those ranges. They’re wet and wild, home to moose and bears; they have a primordial feel to them–especially on misty, chilly days at the start of autumn, which is when I reached the region during my Appalachian Trail thru-hike.

In “Looking Down on Creation,” I endeavored to capture simultaneously the solitude I found it that range and the awe I felt upon its highest precipices. In this felting, few clouds are overhead, allowing the weaker autumnal sun to attempt to warm the frigid air. Stretching toward the horizon, wilderness extends as far as the eye can see, and the valleys are already full of color with their changing leaves. In the foreground is a rocky summit, where krummholtz and stalwart alpine flowers cling to the little soil left in rock crevices. A puddle reflects the sky and invites contemplation.

This large-scale felting is a true statement piece, sure to bring the wildlands of the North to a home or cabin. Finished with care, this signed, one-of-a-kind 40″x30” wool landscape has been professionally framed in a textured wooden frame.

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