A two-dimensional felted wool landscape of a trail above a lake at sunrise.

Sunrise at Trap Pass

As the backpacking season winds down, the shorter days allow hikers routinely to witness and walk through both sunrises and sunsets. In northern Washington, I was treated to one of the most captivating sunrises I’ve experienced and which I celebrated in wool. To felt this scene, I blended dyed wool of both the warmest and coolest colors, the juxtaposition of which evoke the vivacity of a new day.

In “Sunrise at Trap Pass,” the sun rising beneath rain-laden clouds casts a warm light on the east side of Trap Pass and Thunder Mountain. Trap Lake, still frozen just weeks before, lies below the Pacific Crest Trail, which continues into the Trapper Creek drainage and, eventually, to the Canadian Border.

Sunrise at Trap Pass

34″x15″ needle-felted wool landscape in decorative wood frame. Including the frame, this piece measures 37″x18″.


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