The Tableland

Most thru-hikers would agree that the longest, most challenging mile of the Appalachian Trail is Mahussoc Notch. That may be true, but the windy, emotionally-laden final mile to Katahdin’s summit is a solid contender. This felting is a tribute to the finale of the Appalachian Trail.⠀

In the foreground of this piece, snow and ice cover the trail. The northernmost mile of the Appalachian Trail, the Tableland of the mountain, stretches away from the viewer. The peak of Mount Katahdin rises under heavy clouds, calling weary travelers onward.

While felting the summit of Katahdin and its Tableland, I thought of Henry David Thoreau’s words about that mountain:⠀
“It is difficult to conceive of a region uninhabited by man. We habitually presume his presence and influence everywhere. And yet we have not seen pure Nature, unless we have seen her thus vast and dread and inhuman…Nature was here something savage and awful, though beautiful. I looked with awe at the ground I trod on, to see what the Powers had made there, the form and fashion and material of their work. This was that Earth of which we have heard, made out of Chaos and Old Night. Here was no man’s garden, but the unhandselled globe. It was not lawn, nor pasture, nor mead, nor woodland, nor lea, nor arable, nor waste-land. It was the fresh and natural surface of the planet Earth, as it was made forever and ever.”

This 18″x14″ wool felting has been adhered to an acid-free mounting board, signed, and wrapped in a cello bag for easy shipping and gifting. It will arrive ready to frame or display on an easel.

The Tableland

The Tableland

18"x14" needle-felted, 100% wool landscape on an acid-free mounting board.


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