A two-dimensional felted wool landscape of a snowy mountain ridge.

The Tableland

Most thru-hikers would agree that the longest, most challenging mile of the Appalachian Trail is Mahussoc Notch. That may be true, but the long, windy, emotionally-laden final mile to Katahdin’s summit is a solid contender. It was a labor of love to bring this scene to life.

The toughest thing about a thru-hike is that it ends. At some point, you reach the end of the trail, and it’s time to return home, to re-enter society, to bid farewell to the mountains. My AT thru-hike began with the first flowers of springtime in the south; on my last day on the trail, the path was dusted with snow. “The Tableland” is a tribute to the finale of the Appalachian Trail.


The Tableland

18″x14″ needle-felted, 100% wool landscape in a beveled wood frame. Including the frame, this piece measures 20″x16″.


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