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Rainbow Lightning

Earlier this week, while sitting in the waiting room at the neurology department, waiting for a lumbar puncture that still hasn’t happened, I was thinking about the woods. Specifically, I was thinking about one of my favorite memories from the AT, which, surprisingly, I’ve never written about here. One afternoon

Wordless Wednesday: Vermont’s Stratton Mountain

Photographs from the Green Mountain State on the Appalachian Trail

Wordless Wednesday: Massachusetts

Photographs from the Bay State on the Appalachian Trail

On the PCT: Kennedy Meadows, Part Two

I haven’t looked in a mirror since Mojave.  That was roughly eight days and 150 miles ago.  In the time since then, I’ve sweated while going up, down, and around beautiful mountains, walked through sandy desert, gotten some sunburn, and been rained on twice.  I’m sure that, by general United

Wordless Wednesday: Connecticut

Photographs from the Constitution State on the Appalachian Trail

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