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Off the PCT

My final day on the PCT began inconsequentially, save for the Lyme trifecta of dizziness, tiredness, and nausea I was experiencing. I packed up and hiked down to Rae Lakes, enjoying again the spectacular lakeside trail. Near the Rae Lakes ranger station — where friendly Sam Webster was stationed —

On the PCT: Kearsarge Pass, Take Three

My final foray on the Pacific Crest Trail this year was dramatic, to say the least. After the Lyme relapse that sidelined me, I was feeling well enough that I wanted to get back on the trail by the second week in July. I spent a day bustling around Teresa

On the PCT: Back to the Trail

Sometimes, I think my PCT hike is supposed to be a lesson in flexibility. Or maybe that’s just Lyme.

On the PCT: Sidelined with Lyme Disease

Throughout my fight with Lyme disease´╗┐, I have tried to be patient and calm. After finding that anxiety and depression got me nowhere, I have tried to embrace a Zen attitude about being ill for an indefinite period of time. I have worked to relish the good days and accept the bad days, acknowledge the failures but savor the successes. I don’t feel like doing any of that today…

On the PCT: Acton, Part One

My trail name is Rainbow Dash, but most of my time on the Pacific Crest Trail has thus far been spent Rainbow Trotting, Rainbow Moseying, Rainbow Crawling, and even Rainbow Hobbling.  However, I spent much of the time between Wrightwood and Acton dashing, and I loved every minute of it.

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