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In Memoriam, with Love and Gratitude

I’m here today because of the love and advice given to me by a wonderful, compassionate, inspiring person who isn’t here any longer. I lost my uncle two weeks ago. Oftentimes, moments that leave us completely shattered also render us speechless.  That hasn’t been the case for me, not now.

Finding My Way to Orienteering

I think I may have found a new outdoor athletic passion.  On the registration form for Orienteering Louisville‘s Return of the Otter meet, there should have been a disclaimer warning about addiction. A few months ago, I had no idea that orienteering was a sport.  I was still planting trees

An Auspicious Beginning, Part One

In a few days, I’ll be heading south to North Carolina to walk the tiny section of the Appalachian Trail I missed during my thru-hike in 2012.  The prospect of being on the trail again, even if I’m planning to spend only one night in the woods, is so exciting and

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