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Gear Review: Katabatic Sawatch

Over the years, I’ve been asked repeatedly to write about the items in my backpack, especially those I’ve had problems with or have found that I’d rather not live without.  The Katabatic Sawatch backpacking quilt belongs to the latter category. If you’ve missed out on the sleeping bag vs. quilt

Q&A: A Wardrobe for the Woods

A couple days ago, my friend Kayla asked what I wear to keep warm outdoors.  Our conversation reminded me of the many times people have asked me what I wore during my thru-hike; because of the question’s frequency and the fact that I just enjoyed a layer-clad weekend spent hiking

Q&A: My Favorite Piece of Gear

On the Appalachian Trail, we rarely engage in the status-based one-upping or schmoozing conversations of the non-hiking world.  We rarely discuss the jobs we held back home or pop culture, and there isn’t even much talk of politics, perhaps because we’re so far removed from the news media.  Instead, we

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