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CT #3: Remission

In June 2015, Pine Nut and I took a PCT zero day to follow the side trail to Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the Lower 48. While Whitney was incredible, I spent the whole day feeling rather physically miserable — in sharp contrast to Pine Nut, who spent the

Colorado Bound

If you’d told me when I was hitching out of the Sierras in a Lyme stupor back in 2015 that I’d find myself above 10,000 feet again, I’d probably have laughed. (Or yawned. Laughing would have taken too much energy.) Sitting here, on a plane rapidly approaching Denver, I can’t

Off the PCT

My final day on the PCT began inconsequentially, save for the Lyme trifecta of dizziness, tiredness, and nausea I was experiencing. I packed up and hiked down to Rae Lakes, enjoying again the spectacular lakeside trail. Near the Rae Lakes ranger station — where friendly Sam Webster was stationed —

On the PCT: Kearsarge Pass, Take Three

My final foray on the Pacific Crest Trail this year was dramatic, to say the least. After the Lyme relapse that sidelined me, I was feeling well enough that I wanted to get back on the trail by the second week in July. I spent a day bustling around Teresa

On the PCT: Back to the Trail

Sometimes, I think my PCT hike is supposed to be a lesson in flexibility. Or maybe that’s just Lyme.

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