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On Doctors and Thru-Hikers

Since I had a doctor’s appointment today and am anxiously awaiting blood test results (Lyme-related, because life), I thought I’d write about my experiences with doctors as I walked from Georgia to Maine. It seems that the modern medical community doesn’t really know what to do with thru-hikers.  The demands

Healing the Barrington Crater

My worst injury on the Appalachian Trail happened when I fell on a road. Yes, you read that correctly.  I’d walked 1500 miles, arrived in Massachusetts, climbed up the relatively impressive Everett and Race, descended to a road, took one step on it, and fell to the ground. Trigger warning: 

On Thanksgiving and Lyme Disease

In the bathroom of a Wal-Mart in southern Pennsylvania in 2011, I found an engorged deer tick under the elastic of the running shorts I was wearing on a month-long hike of the Appalachian Trail. After a couple years of having some sporadic health issues but nothing particularly alarming —

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