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CT #16: Reunion

I love meeting hikers for whom the Colorado Trail is their first long-distance trip. It’s fun to hear their perspectives on the trail, to remember that I once knew intimately the same excitements and frustrations and worries. But, I’ve got to admit, I was thrilled to meet two fellow members

CT #15: Salida

In the way full-service towns do, Salida had grown in my mind from my first days on the trail to take on almost mythical proportions. Anything I could need or want, I’d find in Salida. And, now I’m finally here! At the end of my 11.7-mile hike this morning, there

CT #14: Connectivity

During my Appalachian Trail thru-hike, I had a little pay-as-you-go flip phone, and I got no reception for weeks at a time. This was the experience of most hikers in 2012. There were a few hikers who carried Verizon smartphones, and the rest of us would sit around them at

CT #13: Dryer Sheets

I’m at that point in this hike when dayhikers look and smell like a different species. I saw a couple of day hikers from a distance today, and I found myself admiring their clean skin, soft hair, and cotton clothes. As they walked past, I was overwhelmed by the smells

CT #12: Logistics

There comes a time in every hike when its finiteness must be considered, its ending contemplated. How can I get back to civilization from the woods of Maine? Which resupply box should my passport go in? Can I walk from Santiago to the airport? On longer treks, this day of

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