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Wordless Wednesday: Southern Virginia

Shelter Pizza Triple Crown

A thru-hike involves several months of backpacking through beautiful places and meeting interesting people. It may seem counterintuitive that, when asked what they thought about in a given day, most thru-hikers mention daydreams or extended thoughts about food. One ubiquitous food craving among backpackers is that for pizza. Most of

A Plague of Locusts

In Kentucky, it seems as though we’re forever hearing that each coming summer will be a big cicada year, a year when an uncountable number of the adult insects, which have lived underground for 13 or 17 years as nymphs and are often called jarflies or locusts (the latter erroneously),

The Captain’s Party

The transmission of information along the Appalachian Trail is fascinating, a topic worthy of a sociology student’s research project.  Most of the time, information is passed along in the shelter registers or through word-of-mouth by exceptionally fast or slow hikers.  And, then, sometimes, news is conveyed by flyers and signs

My Human Audiobook

On the Appalachian Trail, there aren’t too many stretches of flat terrain, as we’re generally either going up or going down.  I’ve often heard section hikers complain about the trail’s elevation gain and insist that the footpath would be better if it were to pass primarily through the valleys.  I

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