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CT #6: Rhythm

As much as I value embracing spontaneity and adventure, one of my very favorite things about long-distance backpacking is finding the rhythm of a hike. Each trail has a different rhythm, which new hikers eventually settle into. Most pilgrims finished their days on the Camino early, allowing time to do

Rainbow Lightning

Earlier this week, while sitting in the waiting room at the neurology department, waiting for a lumbar puncture that still hasn’t happened, I was thinking about the woods. Specifically, I was thinking about one of my favorite memories from the AT, which, surprisingly, I’ve never written about here. One afternoon

On the PCT: Kearsarge Pass, Take Three

My final foray on the Pacific Crest Trail this year was dramatic, to say the least. After the Lyme relapse that sidelined me, I was feeling well enough that I wanted to get back on the trail by the second week in July. I spent a day bustling around Teresa

Wordless Wednesday: A Rainy Day in New Jersey

Photographs from the Garden State on the Appalachian Trail

On the PCT: Acton, Part Two

In civilization, life is carefully constructed so that meeting our basic needs is generally easy and convenient.  When we’re cold, we turn on our heaters and bask in their warmth; air conditioning cools us when we’re hot.  We rarely find ourselves rained on, snowed on, or hailed on, and we

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