About Me

My name is Kris Grenier, but you can call me Rainbow Dash.  Hundreds of people already do.

“Rainbow Dash” was my trail name when I IMG_20141108_130557_456walked from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail in 2012.  The six months of my thru-hike were some of the greatest of my life thus far.  While I walked through the Long Green Tunnel, I saw some incredible places and met some lifelong friends, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.  On the trail, I experienced emotional highs and lows only slightly less dramatic than the peaks and ravines I climbed.  I spent a significant portion of the five years between 2010 and 2014 in the Appalachian woods – and I’ve spent the last two summer in the California backcountry and the mountains and valleys of Spain.  My time in the forest has served as a sort of coming-of-age experience akin to that of the subject of John Denver’s “Wild Montana Skies.”

The outcome of my hiking that is most relevant to this blog is that my time in the woods — and particularly my thru-hike — illustrated to me how worthwhile the pursuit of adventure and experience is.  My hike highlighted the benefits of taking the road less traveled, of living passionately, and of being open to all that life has to offer.  Perhaps the Indigo Girls said it best when they sang, “We’re better off for all the we let in.”  In the time following my thru-hike, I have lived a relatively nomadic lifestyle, and I have aspired to be open to whatever comes my way.

I hope you enjoy the stories of my adventures – and my adventure-inspired art.  If you’d like to get in touch with me about my blog, the trail, my fiber art, or life in general, please feel free to contact me.  I welcome commissions and studio visits, and I love sharing my passion for fiber art by teaching workshops and classes.

e: kris@wanderstruckstudio.com

p: +1 (859) 954-2383

a: P.O. Box 7054, Cynthiana, KY 41031


  1. Hey, thanks for checking out our 2014 Thru Hike adventures. I’ve enjoyed your writing and photography and that you keep writing about the outdoors and hiking after your thru hike came to completion.


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    1. Thanks! Being out in the woods provides a lot of fodder for adventure writing. :^) And, once you’ve been out there, it’s pretty difficult not to go back time and time again.

      I’ve been enjoying reading your tales of the AT. Congrats on your thru-hike!


  2. Kristen, I will have to share your blog with my husband. He has been section hiking the Appalachian Trail for years with his brother. He loves nothing more than being in the woods, soaking in nature. I really admire you hiking it alone!

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    1. Grace, thank you for your kind words! Section hiking the trail is so unlike thru-hiking, but I really enjoy it. By hiking the trail in sections, I find that I can appreciate each section more by choosing to hike it during its best season, researching the area ahead of time, and having no real deadline to persuade me to miss side trails to views. While I was in the Hundred-Mile Wilderness this year, I met a Utah couple who were completing the trail after 39 years of hiking it in sections! Please wish your husband “happy trails” for me!

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  3. Lovely intro to your site, Rainbow Dash. I don’t think blogging is such a big thing anymore, certainly not “overblown”, more perhaps a kind of journal that you don’t mind sharing.

    What beautiful scenery you explore! An unknown part of the world to me, but I’ll certainly read more here and learn. Your quotes, your intention as you articulate it on this page, remind me of that wise, old Thoreau quote, which I’m sure you know:

    “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

    Happy trails!

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    1. I so appreciate your sweet words. I think I’m coming to understand how the blogging community works, and I’m becoming not just comfortable with but quite enthusiastic about this medium. And, as for the Thoreau quote, that is, hands down, one of this quote junkie’s all-time favorites. Being told that something I wrote brought to mind something Thoreau wrote feels like a honor!


  4. Hello…

    Here’s a little message from Türkiye to say “thank you”. I appreciate your recent ‘follow’, knowing how many interesting and entertaining blogs there are out there.

    Blogging since June 2013, my little corner of the world tries to offer an eclectic smattering of posts, from basic amateur photography, to sharing my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on our fruit farm in southern Turkey. I also throw in a few of my observations on life and lighter-hearted stuff for good measure.

    You are more than welcome to have a look around, stay a while and have a trawl through my small collection. There are plenty of drop-down categories within the menu bar to help in said digging process. Of course, if you have any comments, suggestions or concerns, feel free to let me know – I’m not easily offended 🙂

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day…



    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I just posted my response and some nominees of my own!

      Your blog is definitely one of my favorites. I laughed that some of my first nominees would have been your blog and Anna’s, had you both not already beaten me to it. Happy trails!


  5. My boyfriend hiked the AT the same year as you. I wonder if you guys passed each other on the trail. His trail name is “Walkabout.” Excited to see your blog.


    1. I definitely know a Walkabout who hiked in 2012; does Rainbow Dash sound familiar to him?

      Thanks again for your support on hikefor.com. I hadn’t remembered your name from your blog (I suppose I was too busy loving the blog title!), but now I understand who the email I received this morning was from. :^) Looking forward to following your journey, too.


    1. Hey, Tony! Thanks for the message, and sorry for going AWOL. It’s been a time of lots of doctor appointments and health craziness, but I’m feeling back among the world of the living. It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

      I just looked up the article and enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know! I have certainly brushed up against some serious Lyme denial in the healthcare industry lately. Six weeks ago, I saw a rheumatologist who told me that I just needed some more fresh air and exercise.

      Anyway, I hope you’re doing well!


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