A two-dimensional felted wool landscape of a gray, out-of-focus, early-spring forest. In the foreground, an insect sits on a tree branch with leaves that are unfurling.

Red Oak Leafing Out

In size and style, “Red Oak Leafing Out” differs markedly from most of current body of work. Instead of interpreting an entire landscape in a large-format wool felting, here I focused on a single tree branch in the warming Appalachian springtime.

“Red Oak Leafing Out” is based on a reference photograph from my 2012 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. As I walked through the southern forests, signs of spring slowly started appearing and the gray forests began turning green again. I enjoyed the experience of walking north with the springtime, prolonging the season.

Red Oak Leafing Out

20″x16″ needle-felted wool art in rustic, barnwood frame. 23″x19″ after framing.


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